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Vegan leek and sweet potato quiche

Ingredients (for a pie for 6 people)

- 5 leeks

- Two big sweet potatoes

- A third of a cup of raw tahini

- Two tablespoons of dried tomato paste

- A third of a cup of sesame

- A third of a cup of nigella (black cumin seeds)

- A package of vegan grated yellow cheese

- A teaspoon of Salt

- A teaspoon of black pepper

- A teaspoon of turmeric spice

- A teaspoon of dry oregano spice

- A teaspoon of curry spice

- A teaspoon of red paprika spice


Peel the sweet potatoes cut them into large squares and cook in boiling water until they are soft. Pour the water and let it cool.

Cut the head of the leek with the roots (don't use it) and then, cut the leek into two parts lengthwise. Cut each half in two-centimeter intervals and put everything in a strainer.

Wash the leek well and make sure there is no sand left in it. Let it dry for about twenty minutes.

Put the leek in an empty pot and cook it (without water) until it softens and becomes transparent. Make sure it doesn't burn at the bottom of the pot and stir it all the time. When it softens, put it in a strainer to cool and drain the liquid.

In a large bowl, put the cooked sweet potatoes and leeks, and with your hands mash the sweet potatoes and mix them with the cooked leeks. Add all the spices, the sundried tomato spread, and the raw tahini to the mixture and stir the mixture until it becomes a uniform paste.

Grease a round or rectangular baking pan with olive oil and spread it well with kitchen paper on all sides of the pan. Pour the dough we prepared into the pan and flatten it well with your hands to an even height.

Sprinkle the grated vegan cheese, sesame and nigella evenly over the top and put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour or until the cheese on top looks baked (depending on the oven) in a light brown color.

For dough lovers, you can roll out and put vegan dough at the bottom of the baking pan before putting the vegetable pulp in it.

Leek and sweet potato quiche
Vegan leek and sweet potato quiche

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