Updated: Mar 18, 2019

By Anat Feingold.

Yoga mean Union, union between our divine self (our full potential) and between our reality, the essence of yoga is living our potential. What we all are long for and here for!

The body is an absolute tool for the divine light to be come into matter. It has all the ability to absorb light, which look like a concept and bring it down into life and matter.

The yoga is the adapter between our body and the light, it made our body In-tune with our potential. Step by step it creates a stable Wi-Fi that we can every moment can bring our higher quality to our life.

The focus is turn into the learning of our potential body and self and go threw collecting our life events and transform the story and the pain into out foundation strength.

Yoga is connecting me every day and every practice more to my response – ability, to my ability to bring more of my inner forces to my life and teaching.

I am very honored to be part of the yoga teaching on earth, I am teaching Yoga from the very exact ancient order, threw my own Wi-fi connection to the knowledge and the practice of embodiment of Yoga into any event, into our home, food and family, into our relationship and work.

I found that the essence of yoga is connecting to the essence of all realign, to the essence of my mother, to the wisdom from my own Jewish roots.

I love to feel it that all that is, is here to strength each other, to remember it and to feel it in any meeting.

In my last retreat, I had here beautiful woman that came from the Islamic roots, and I truly felt that the yoga is here with us to connect her, to connect me, to connect both together through our roots into the very essence, that is one.

Any retreat is for me a very unique experience that created a bigger tool of a group into a flow that expend the light, the perspective, the container, the connection, the stability and the grounding of the light deep in our life bit.

So, I open the safe space of Gaia, to all that want to do this amazing work together, it feet to non-experience as experience, as we all experience in our life.

For individual & Couples: June 20-23, September 5-8, December 12-15, 2019.

For Families: July 18-21, October 3-6

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