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There are two different systems that can operate our body and life. The first one, we call the limited one, that is created by a collection of our unaware reactions to a situation that we went through in our life. It does not matter what we went through, not really, it matters what we said to our self in any situation, what we did not want to feel underneath. Every ‘say’ we had been coming together with a physical & emotional response that holds this file.

For example, let’s say our teacher give us feedback, as he cares about us and wanted us to bring more of our self to the class and our inner response was that we are not good and our physical response was closing our chest and heart area. Maybe the feeling that we were afraid to feel is love?!

Then every time we will have this opportunity and support to go beyond our self we will meet this instinct and will close our heart, our abilities. That is the limited system, that limit our growth, that limit our potential, that separate us from the love and support that available for us any moment.

It is true, many people live with it, identified with it, with the strength they build and their limitation. With the emotions that hold it together and their unique funny ways to keep it protected.

It feels safe, as we have there our navigation that we know, we learn how to deal with its bags and pain and to live with it. The thing is that we cannot feel nourished, it is a system that separates us from reality, from people, from our soul. That separates us from the field of life energy and create stress, suffering, and sickness.

It was a moment in my life, that I recognize that my system has been replaced, it was in India after 4 months of meditation intensive program. I actually felt very shaky to go back to my life with a system that I do not know how to operate, so I went to a very special school, with a clear intention to learn to operate this new system in my life. Here was the first step of learning the new operation system.

I moved threw my intention, with no expectation from the place, with no thinking where it takes me in the future from a true heart that wants to learn to move in my new system that felt like coming home.

We call this system the absolute system, as we feel it is connected to the big field of life, that connects us all, we feel they're a potential, we feel all the support and love to create the true life we want.

The grounding of the system in my life was in the way I went threw with my partner to learn to release our old instincts in our family life and learn our way to hold the absolute system that we both choose.

The thing was that we came from a different way of learning, which created, even better grounding center that not separated by anyway.

We learn to build our first true union together and created our own new life in the absolute. Then, after we understood it is not possible to operate like that in the limited system we understood it is time to create our own one, our own space for people alike to learn, practice and share this unlimited flow that is.

The decision to go for it open for us a new mode in the absolute, till now we were trained in the one mode and move to the divine two, we practice the three-family mode and here was a jump this system expansion to the whole.

We took a car and start to drive there, it is not rational story of how we found Gaia but a very absolute one. In the absolute, there is one possibility for any potential you choose to bring into event.

All the love and support possible will come together to support you when you go out from the limited zone when you find it, you know. It feels home.

To visit Gaia, visit our web site and find your gate, for individual and couple recommend the Yoga and wellness retreat, if you like to come with your family we have family time in Gaia and for organic groups like team’s work/big family/group of friends that like to learn the walk together, the ‘we & me’ wellness retreat can be a super gift to share.

Much love to your way, Eran & Anat

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