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Enjoying Nature


Offsite team retreat

Take a break from the hectic office life and bring your team to a secluded, quiet, intimate and relaxing natural environment, where you can have peace of mind to plan your company goals and missions.

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Gaia is situated amongst gentle hills and quiet woodlands of the Meissner Geo-Naturpark Frau-Holle-Land. The space is secluded, therefore allowing an intimate & quiet place for teamwork without any distractions.

Secluded & Quiet Space

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In the last 30 years, Gaia has hosted hundreds of group activities in the fields of personal development, wellness, dance, art, and teamwork. We are natural hosts and would love to give you our warm hospitality.

Experienced Hosts

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Central Location

Gaia is located in the heart of Germany, 25 km east of Kassel, which makes it easy to get here from all over Germany by public transportation or by car. We have free parking space in front of the house for 12-15 family-size cars.

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Surrounded by Nature

The house is surrounded by a green landscape and natural forests which have beautiful paths for hiking. The nearby "Werra Meissner nature reserve" is flowing with forests, mountains, lakes, and small villages. It is well known for its variety of outdoor activities. 




Gaia offer space for teams of 20 persons. It has 11 hosting rooms: 4 single rooms, 3 double rooms, 1 trio room, 1 dormitory for 5 and 1 privet suite for 2 leaders or managers.

Team size


Gaia’s communal areas & rooms are homey, comfortable, and intimate. They have been renovated and re-decorated, so each room has its own unique ambiance.  The house has 7 WC & 2 shared bathrooms with 3 Showers each.

Team hospitality

Seminar rooms with chairs

Team seminar room

The team activity take place in our beautiful 75 sqm Garden View Studio located on the ground floor, at the back of the house facing the forest. The room has big windows, and it is very lighted during the days.

Food on the table

The food in Gaia is an exceptional experience and a real celebration. It combines Mediterranean flavors with healthy nutrition and passionate cooking, made with lots of love and attention. Gluten free, Lactose-free & other food sensitivities are welcome in Gaia and get a suitable attention. 

Vegetarian/Vegan food

Would you like to rent Gaia for your next offsite team Retreat?


For teamwork
28 Seminar chairs
20 people long table
A Flipboard
A Screen stand
LAN connection
WiFi internet
“Bose” Sound system
CD player
Extension cords

For Gathering
2 homey living rooms 
20 people dining room
Nature view balcony
Fire place
Outdoor trampoline

For wellness
20 Yoga mats 
12 Exercise mats
20 Meditation pillows
20 Warm blankets
20 Yoga blocks
20 Yoga belts
Dry Sauna