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Updated: Aug 31, 2023

By Anat Feingold.

When you begin practicing yoga, you see that there are many Yoga kinds and teachers, so what kind of yoga fits to you and what are the roots of all kind.

The tradition of yoga divide the practice to 6 main kinds that fit to six main type of people. The understanding is that we need some from all kind and some more from our kind! 

So what is your main road to inner peace? Threw the body (Hatha yoga), threw the heart (Bhakti yoga) Threw energy (kundalini Yoga), threw meditation (Raja Yoga), threw knowledge(Janan Yoga) or threw day to day, work and life (Karma Yoga). 

Hatha yoga is a general name for the yoga that work threw the body and focus on Asana (body posture), Pranayama (conscious breathing), Relaxation, diet, good thinking and meditation.

 The Hatha Yoga brings the traditional practice and under that path you can find different kind of yoga masters that took the foundation and brought into it there on touch. Actually every teacher bring his own sensitivity and direction to the practice and make it more present live.

 My suggestion for the practice is that you need to know your home well, to get a clear and deep understanding for your practice and from there you can expend it all dimension.

 For me the Home is the very traditional practice, that is like a code, very exact, with clear order that you understand threw time, that always work and give you good comfy way to clear your path home.

 Then my approach to yoga is the inner understanding of principle of our body flow, of our nature self. I like to give the space for inner clarity, for opening the communication between the heart to all part, that any movement you take on the matt and in life, the united you will be there.

 When we go to the name, Hatha, you can feel the roots, the essence, Ha – meaning ‘sun’ and the – meaning ‘moon’ and it refers to the balance of the feminine and the masculine aspect, with in all of us. Between our active forces, of what we do and the passive ones, of what is. Hatha yoga come from the art of uniting opposite.

 Life is always showing us the way there, whether you practice yoga or not. We are all learning yoga in a way, the art of our inner peace. The nature of life always aspiring balance, magnet to our life the opposite, to show us the direction to open all that we are, let the opposite inside our self meet and see how much they are supportive to each other. Like good rest after a run.

Hatha Yoga are integrating this principle in our body, on the matt you learn to be relax in motion and in your silence present when you rest, you see how ground feet are connecting you to your heart bit… 

Constant practice brings your body health to its potential and your nature into blossoming.

Would love to hear your feedback.

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