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Mixing Tarot cards & Meditation – Is It Possible?

Meditation and tarot often go hand in hand and can take your understanding of reading to a deeper level. It's also used for healing purposes, not to mention the possibility of accessing a different universe.

When meditating with tarot cards, people often get a deeper meaning of what each card actually symbolizes. You’ll be able to connect to intuition in a much more efficient manner, mainly because of your capability to relax.

Meditating before a tarot reading

To get a successful tarot reading, you need to be in a quiet environment, ideally in your home. You must ensure no one's going to disturb you, and you need an open mind, as well as a relaxed state.

What could be better than meditation for all these? Exactly! Whether this is your first tarot reading and you're nervous, or you simply can't focus enough on further reading, meditation will put you in the right state of mind.

Meditation can go into more directions but try to focus on something that will mainly relax you.

However, meditation can also be done with tarot cards and not just before a professional reading. Here’s what you need to do.

Meditating with tarot cards

You'll require your own tarot card deck for this, and it's not necessarily about understanding the meaning of cards, but about focusing on them. If you want to find love, go for the Lovers or perhaps the Two of Cups. If you’re after spiritual growth, the Hermit makes a pretty good choice.

Again, you’ll need a place where no one will disturb you for 20 minutes. You must feel comfy and clear out all potential distractions, such as your phone. You can, however, have some meditation music on or just pure silence, whatever works for you.

Start by focusing on your breath. Once you get comfortable in an upright position, breathe through the nose and feel the air going through it. There's a sensation in your nostrils, and that's what you have to concentrate on.

Thoughts might cross your mind. Simply let them come and force them out while keeping the focus on your breath.

The next step implies focusing your attention on the body. When you take some air in, you need to feel it going through the body. It’s a form of energy. As you breathe out, simply picture your body relaxing.

Scan each part of your body at a time, from shoulders and neck to hips and feet. Feel the relaxation going in with each breath.

Next, it’s time to focus on the tarot card. Look at it and give it five different breaths. Again, thoughts may cross your mind. It’s perfectly normal, let them go away and keep focusing on the card and your breath.

As you look at it, observe elements and imagine them getting bigger. Imagine you're actually going into the middle of that card, and all the imagery is in real-life size around you. Look around, what do you see in the card? What colors? What items? Who’s there?

Touch things in the card and imagine their texture. You might feel smells or perhaps tastes. Imagine yourself being something or someone in that card. What do you feel? How do you move? What is the attitude?

You’re full-on into the card, so you’re a character now. Think about the things you would say or do. Does anything make you happy? Anxious? Upset? Look around the card and notice other items and objects, then think about their uses and symbolic meanings.

Finally, take one more look and observe the things you missed before. Now, it’s time to step out and watch the card go smaller and smaller.

As you awaken, you can start focusing on the breath again, as well as the energy flowing through different parts of your body. If your eyes are closed, open them. If not, simply blink again and get back to reality. It depends on how well you know the card and the elements in it.

Once you're done, take notes of everything you felt, sensed, or heard during your short meditation session.

The bottom line, meditation, and tarot can actually work wonders when mixed in. Whether you get a professional reading and you need to relax, or you want to understand tarot cards at a deeper level, meditation will put you in the perfect mood for it.

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