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Natural Nutrition - Step in wellness

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Fruit plate photo

Food is the medicine of the future and the energy for a loving & fulfilling life. When we follow nature's principles we are healthy and fulfilled and when not our body calls us to discover.

Happy to share with you some of the principles & understandings that support my way.

1. Give more energy than it takes…

Food is energy for the body to be at its best. Our body is built out of around 16 first elements, 15 of them coming from Earth and one coming from the air. As we do not eat Earth, we have the plants that are providing us with all 15 first elements our body needs from the earth. When we eat plants, we directly get what we need and feel fulfilled. When we eat second-hand plants, from an animal product that eats plants or other industrial products, it takes much energy and gives less

3. Use all parts of the plants, Fulfilled all parts of your being

Seeds, Sprouts. Roots, Stems, Leaves, fruits, flowers… for your wholly being…. when you need grounding -roots, new vision – seeds, Stability – Stems, movement – leaves, Reproduction– flower, Fulfillment – fruits…and so on.

4. Earth know

Eat as many possible season fruits and vegetable that grow in your area (best in your garden), as earth know what to give us threw the plants, any time. When you are sick, the best medicine is waiting for you in the wild herbs that grow by your house.

5. Fruits of life, on an empty stomach and in the right combination!

The fruits contain all the necessary nutrients for the body in proper proportion, a wealth of vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, water, fiber, and natural sugar (fructose). They are delicious and varied, they are easy to digest and give us energy. They are good for the muscle and the brain and they melt toxins from the body, lungs, and face skin, slow down aging symptoms, and fight cancer cells.

Fruit combination table (photo)

6. Water flow

It is good to start the morning with water /water with lemon/herb tea. Better not to drink 30 min before food and 2 hours after. Better not drink during shower, sport, work, stress. Good to take a break for drinking in relaxation. Drink slowly like you munch the water. Thanking the water for the flow and cleansing, for the strength and development that it brings to your life. Find your way to do so!

7. Waking-up time

The process of secreting toxins from the body happens from night until noon. Fasting or fruits at that time is supportive of the cleaning process. Try to do so a minimum of one day a week.

8. Enjoy your meal

Create a time and space to eat in relaxation, and let go of the work, and other issues in your mind during food. Eat slowly and chew the food fully. Choose and define your plat, eat 1/3-2/3 of your Stomach, and find your fulfillment there!

9. The way you digest your emotions, the way you digest your food, the way you digest life

Our digestive system is influenced directly by our emotional/Mental state, the way we digest life, we digest food. Do not make a stress-out of food, do not cook under stress, and find your way to lead your eating in love. Find your way to get strength threw life situations, of all kinds, find your way to get strength and good energy, whatever you choose to eat.

10. Step by step

If you choose to create a change in your eating habits, choose the first step that can support your walk... Step after step you will feel your natural loving path to your natural nutrition.

11. From Impulses to choices

Our impulses are coming from a sense of luck, our choices are coming from trust and leadership of our self-health. It is a way to have a free choice over our impulses, the same as with our thoughts, emotions, talks, and thoughts. It is like a muscle can be developed, make a choice about what comes in your mouse.

We do not need to eat perfectly, we need to keep practicing and feel good with where we are.

With Love, Anat

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