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Fulfill any part in your life with peace…
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The Vision Process

Monday's 19:00 – 21:30 (Berlin Time)
Trial Class 25 Euro | 240 Euro/ Month

Are you stressed? Feeling chased or a need to constantly improve? Experiencing anxiety? Or are you simply irritated or unhappy? Are you asking yourself who you are and looking for truth? Or are you overwhelmed by your job, your relationship
or the current situation in the world?

If your answer is Yes

Welcome to The Vision Process 

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The Vision Process is scientific, radical, and empowering you
to live your own authority and authenticity.

In each class, you will go through a guided self-exploration. All it takes is your readiness to be honest and get to know your conscious self.

There is peace within each of us. We show you that you have the capacity to choose this space of joyful tranquility over your
inner – and outer – conflicts and tension.

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Your Journey

Will start as soon as you decide to hit the road

In this process you will learn to:

Realize peace in any moment with what is
Relax your nervous system and increase mental, emotional, physical calmness
Stop searching for fulfillment in an object, in the future, in the “right” thought or feeling

Break the chain of needing someone else to make you happy, that you can enjoy your relating with no expectation
Be transparent about your own issues, doubts and fears without blaming the other or needing help to solve them
Increase your capability of building physical, intellectual, and social resources

Apply silence beyond unconditional love and develop the art of direct experience
Recognize the potential in any moment and know the truth about reality and about yourself 
See yourself as the masterpiece you truly are

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What did not happen to you in any course before...

  • One of the unique things about the Vision Process is that there is no one teaching you or telling you what is right.  

  • It is your own self-exploration to calm your mind and explore your peaceful way of being.

  • This process does not give you answers, but instead, it guides you to a place with no question, no conflict, no fight.

  • In this process, you participate in an anonymous way, which gives you the option to be revealed in a safe and supportive way and meet yourself beyond your Persona, ego, and mind.

  • In this process, you will lose the need to control your experiences, the future, love, life itself, and become comfortable and joyful in not knowing.

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People's Voices

Toni L.

"Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! So wonderful. Simply being in the moment is so important to me. Suddenly all is easy.


“Finally I know who I am. An ingenious way to realize how I create my own reality.“

Michelle W.

“I am not even scared of Sunday anymore. Never again so much drama. I can relax and give my mind a break.“

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Practical Info


The training consists of 9 study classes (approx. 2.5 hours) and a private room for practicing assignments (as you take the 9 classes).

Classes Take Place:

  • From the comfort and safety of your home

  • Online in a group setting, where you will attend anonymously 

  • In a secure, private, and friendly chat room

  • In real-time and with live guidance

During class:

  • The Vision Process is a writing process, that you are guided in self-discovery inquiries. 

  • The first layer of the class is teaching you to calm your mind, the second part is connecting you with your intellect and your inner resources and the third part is integrating your experience in your life's present issues. 

  • Classes are composed of a succession of questions and teachings. During and after each class, you will be asked to write about what you have understood from the inquiry. This is called Registering and is an important tool that will be used throughout the Process.

  • While the Process is not about creating connections with others – you will be surprised by the intimacy during the class, with yourself, and with other participants as well as your ability to find peace in your life connections. 

  • All that is required of you during the class is your full presence, courage, honesty, and willingness to follow along.

  • It is not a theoretical class, that you learn from others, it is an amazing experience to learn about yourself, by yourself.

Trial Class 25 Euro,
240 Euro / Month

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Who we are

We are an international group of mindfulness teachers
that come together to give people the tools needed to be in contact with their inner recourses and wisdom.

After years of working with people through therapy, meditation, and mindfulness, The Vision Process was created, which goes beyond the obstacles of self-realization.

We invite people to come into their journey of
self-discovering peace.

We are here on this amazing, beautiful, and resourceful planet. Life is absolutely stunning. And it is time to step out of our inner conflict and live that!

What happens now?
Sign up for the trial class and begin to embody your vision now

Where are classes held?
Online in our system at the following link
A name and password will be sent to you
with the registration process

When and how you can reach us
Sundays - Thursdays 12:00 - 20:00
By phone or WhatsApp


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