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Between Us - Relationship Workshop Instructed in English

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The space that connects a couple, hold the sacred source of happiness

and the absolute liberation that we so longing too.

A live virtual workshop of 3 hours, fit for both singles and couples, to deepening your ability to choose, connect, create intimacy, love, and unity.

The status of relationships all over the world is so sad and painful, it becomes impossible for people to be truly happy together, but there is also something deeper that does not let you give up.

A right connection between the two holds a sacred force, the only one that can bring to realization and liberation. It is the first home of the union. Of coming out of the enslaving box and connect to the divine presence.

Even the first story of the bible is on Adam and Eve, the gate that took out of heaven, might be your gate back?

Come learn with me the spiritual work in relationship, the sacred force of right connection between the two, and the most important 3 practical and transformative tools to bring it into your reality.

The tools that I am sharing with you in the workshop:

The Crown Choice

Is a tool that brings your choice to its root, through healing your emotional need, your lacks, and wounds that manage your relationship to the Crown Choice that lead to fulfillment.

The inner balance tool

Is a tool that teaches you how to inner balance yourself in the relationship. And bring any trigger into expansion and growth.

Breaking through formation

Is a tool that supports you to realize your pattern and formation in the relationship and not less important Stop your way to imprison your partner by putting on him a formation. 

We are here, in Relationship, to experience the whole range of phenomena between him and her, to learn unity. Make your experience with your partner a learning experience and not blocking one.

Learn how to respect and give value to each other, forgive truly, go through the wounds, and find the hidden treasure!

Yes, you can do the work, also, without your partner, since the change starts from within, and then the reflection of it will come into your life.

"Life changing experience!"


I have taken the explorations and learnings into my personal and professional life. I would also like to specially thank Anat for the extra time and attention she has offered to us throughout this journey.


Ana, Hamburg, Dec 2020

"An amazing experience"


I had a very powerful experience which had an influence on my daily perspective about my life. Definitely recommend for anyone that seek for some peaceful mind. The teachers were really inspiring full of knowledge and experience.


Gleb, Munich, Oct 2020

"Coming Home"


I did the Meditation Training as well as the Online Mindful Living Foundation Training, and I need to say that both experiences were absolutely incredible.. It will positively change your life forever!


Robine, Nuremberg, Nov 2020

The Teacher

Anat is a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and spiritual guide, light and grace are leading her way and support her to manifest her love into reality. In the last years, she created Gaia House together with her partner Eran and offer Meditation and Yoga & Wellness Retreats that aim to accomplish a conscious, healthy and fulfilling living.

What we here for?
We are here to learn union, between our divine self (our full potential) and between our reality, we are tools of the divine light to come down to earth, it is our responsibility.

About Gaia Retreat House


Gaia is an international retreat house, set amongst gentle hills and quiet woodlands of the Meissner Geo-Naturpark Frau-Holle-Land, in the heart of Germany, 20 minutes drive from the city of Kassel. ​


The house offers a homey and intimate space for individuals and groups to retreat from their hectic life into a supportive environment of wellness, self-discovery, movement and creativity.

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