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The Vision Process -

Mindfulness Training 


Fulfill any part in your life with peace…
Invitation to a silencing anxiety class

Vision Process 2022

Are you stressed? Feeling chased or a need to constantly improve?
Experiencing anxiety? Or are you simply irritated or unhappy?
Are you asking yourself who you are and looking for truth?
Or are you overwhelmed by your job, your relationship
or the current situation in the world?

If your answer is yes,
come and join the silencing anxiety class

Man Hands On Keyboard

To join the Silencing anxiety class*
Sunday 30.1.22 at 19:00 - 21:30
Berlin time

* There is a nominal fee of 20 Euro

The Silencing Anxiety Class

Nothing is in your way for absolute health and fulfillment
but your inner conflicts, there is nothing wrong with you and you do not need to improve constantly…
as you find home

The Vision Process is scientific, radical, and empowering you to live your own authority and authenticity

In this module you will enter in silence, a wholly space within yourself, that never got hurt or disturbed

You will go through a guided self-exploration, that
stops the ongoing creation of conflicts and tension

There is peace within each of us. We show you that you have the capacity to choose this space of joyful tranquility over your
inner and outer conflicts.

The Silencing Anxiety class is part
of  The Vision Process.

Desert Road

Your Journey

Will start as soon as you decide to hit the road

This class will help you with:

Overcome your moods and stop believing in the labels you give yourself
See how you give attention to specific thoughts and beliefs which set anxiety
See clearly the setup of thoughts and feelings and learn how to not be affected by their impact
Stop feeding the anxiety or depression with extra thoughts and find immediate Relaxation
Deal with mental or emotional discomforts in life in a healthy way

Break down your thinking process which usually
sets off your fear and learn to stop fueling destructive thought patterns
Be with one thought at a time so you are less overwhelmed
Be present with fear or pressure without expectations or ideas of what will happen next
or what has to happen next
Learn to accept and love yourself in any situation
Be able to relax in the moment with whatever is happening mentally or emotionally

Halftone Image of Crowd

What did not happen to you in any course before...

Lose the need to control your experiences, the future, love, life itself and become comfortable and joyful in not knowing

Free your resources and potential through letting go of
everything you think yourself to be 

Participate in an anonymous way, in The Vision Process that is designed to be a simulator of the mind and allows you to see beyond personality,
Beyond right, Beyond wrong
To find true home

Man Hands On Keyboard

To join the Silencing anxiety class*
Sunday 30.1.22 at 19:00 - 21:30
Berlin time

* There is a nominal fee of 20 Euro

People's Voices

Toni L.

"Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! So wonderful. Simply being in the moment is so important to me. Suddenly all is easy.


“Finally I know who I am. An ingenious way to realize how I create my own reality.“

Michelle W.

“I am not even scared of Sunday anymore. Never again so much drama. I can relax and give my mind a break.“

Join Us

Who we are

We are an international group of mindfulness teachers
that come together to empower world peace.

We are here in an amazing, beautiful, resourceful planet
‘Who you are’ at this very moment is already totally unique.

The Vision Process is our way to create the right environment for you to embody inner silence, a place within yourself, that never got touched.

To get into the realization of who you are, without intervention, beyond personality, ego, or any other circumstances.

And find an open door to  join our group of peace facilitators 
that empower peace.

What happens now?
Sign up for the trial class and begin to embody your vision now

Where are classes held?
Online in our system at the following link
A name and password will be sent to you
with the registration process

When and how you can reach us
Sundays - Thursdays 12:00 - 20:00
By phone or WhatsApp


Still have a question  Email us

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