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Principles of Natural Health

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The nature of our body is being healthy, happy, and essential.

Every sickness comes with a reason and cannot be healed without the removal of the reason.

There is nothing that can heal your body instead of your own self-body.

Yes, there are things that can support and give good conditioning to your body to do so.

The reason for the toxin that accumulates in the body, can be fear, shame, compilation, and all kinds of forms that disrupt our vital force.

When we see it coming and we stop feeding it (identity, act out of it) the toxin clears itself.

The body knows how to do it.

All this can happen with 0 modifications and good conditioning.

What does it mean? I will write about it soon..

2 persons in Yoga pose
yoga retreat in der nähe

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