Anat Feingold

Personal Meeting with Anat

For better clarity in life

Single session / 60 min

Price €90

per session / per person

for mindful living/yoga/meditation participants price is  €60

A personal meeting is a sacred & safe space to come into the roots of your experience, heal, and grow in your personal and professional difficulties.

The session comes to integrate and strengthen the hidden part in yourself and give clarity and direction, as well as simple and transforming tools to embody your growth in your life.


Where: We meet online, via zoom, or, in Gaia house, Germany, where we can meet in person.

Time: The session takes 60 minutes long and the price includes support, if needed, for several weeks.

When: To schedule a session, please fill-up the form below.

About Anat Feingold

Anat is a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and spiritual guide, light and grace are leading her way and support her to manifest her love into reality. In the last years, she created Gaia House together with her partner Eran and offer Meditation and Yoga & Wellness Retreats that aim to accomplish a conscious, healthy and fulfilling living.

What we here for?
We are here to learn union, between our divine self (our full potential) and between our reality, we are tools of the divine light to come down to earth, it is our responsibility.

Anat Feingold Yoga Instructor
Testimonials for Online Memditation Training

"A wonderful time"

Romina, Germany 

It was like entering a different world. Anat and Eran are wonderful hosts that welcomed everyone with love and open arms. Anat created an environment where everyone was safe to be vulnerable and share their story. She invited us to reflect about our life and I have learned so much from her! I expected a weekend with "just" Yoga and I came out as a new person. Thanks for everything Anat.

Gleb Testimonial

"An amazing experience"

Gleb, Germany

I had a very powerful experience which had an influence on my daily perspective about my life. Definitely recommend for anyone that seek for some peaceful mind. The teachers were really inspiring full of knowledge and experience. We had great Yoga class, breathing techniques, meditation class and some group session. Thank you Anat and Eran for this wonderful experience. 

Ana Testimonial

"Life Changing experience"

Ana, Germany 

The balance of silence & looking inward to having space for connection & sharing was perfect! I got to some realizations that I will take with me for a very long time. And now, even when I am home, I am still savoring the beautiful after taste of this amazing experience. The world is a better place because now I know there is Gaia in it! :)

Nicolas Testimonial

"A magical experiance"

Nicolas, Germany 

It’s hard to describe with words what these few days at the Gaia Retreat House mean to me. My heart was deeply touched when I returned home and I’m so thankful and blessed that I decided to visit that beautiful place. I learned so much and I will never forget this time and it will have a very special place in my heart.

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  • The price includes 60 minutes online session only. 

  • To secure your booking, a non refundable full payment of 90 Euro is required upon registration via PayPal.

  • To perform the session, internet connection, computer or mobile phone are required.

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Price €90

per session / per person

By sending this form I accept the Terms & Conditions of Gaia House GbR, and that I don’t take any restricting medications treatment and I don’t have any restrictions to take Yoga & Meditation Lessons.

for mindful living/yoga/meditation participants price is  €60