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Tuesday's 20:00-21:00

Price €50 per month 

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Including free access to Meditation classes & Yoga Classes.

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Mindful Living Classes

Mindful living is healthy living, it is the life energy you can generate into any matter, that connects the mind back with the body and allows you to be in good sense, in and out of yourself, in the present moment.

In the classes, we learn the principle of mindful living by getting in touch with our internal forces, the Elements. Learning to purify and balance them in our daily day actions and interactions bring good life flow and growth.


Calming the wind of thought and focusing on the potential, transforming fire reactivity and awake internal abilities, inner balance one-self in any interaction, Give, Receive, Take the best from any event and let go the old formation for the new to arrive.

The practice of the elements is practical and transformative, create a deeper contact with life, increase the level of awareness and lead to a healthy and fulfilling life.

To whom can it fit?
These classes can fit all people that wish to look on themselves and bring the best out of who they are to life. For those that are at crossroads and want to look deeper, for those that wish to bring more liveliness to what they have, for the ones that ask for more light into their path.

What can it give you?
These classes can give you better connection and understanding toward yourself, tools to master your energy, and training tools to strengthen your inner forces and creating a home for your soul on earth.

The source of  the work
The root of the knowledge and practice of Yoga, Kabala, Shamanism, and much more ancient wisdom and medicine are based on the principle of balancing the 5 Elements.
The classes are using knowledge and practices from the sources of yoga and Kabala combined with healing methods of family constellation, shadow work, encounter, and Greenberg method.

Introduction to mindful living by the 5 Element.

The gate, the air element craft is quitting the internal unconscious wind, the inner movement of thought, emotion, actions in order to master our life movement, our forces of will and concentration.

The wonder, when there is friction between gazes it creates fire, our inner power of transformation, of taking food and bring out of it nutrients to our body, of accepting life and learn to transform and develop our self.

The balance, the energetic balance work of the fire craft is how to balance yourself in a relating. Transforming your difficulty into growth and a new level of connecting.

The flow, the water element craft teaches us the order of flow of energy, light, love here. What is blocking our flow, receive all abundance, and give our light to people.

The wound, to embody our light, the water teaches us to get in touch with our wounds, to let the emotions, that our body hold, to seep into the soil, strengthen and bring its fruits.

Liveliness, the water gives us energy, pleasure, life, inner support and we learn here the craft of building the water container with a good internal filter!

Breaking through, in the soil, in the earth craft we learn to break formation, contracts, patterns, rolls that we took that are ready to break apart for the new to arrive.

Coming home – Element Characteristic, dominant element, and its balance .

The syllabus

Instructor: Anat Feingold

Anat is a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and spiritual guide, light and grace are leading her way and support her to manifest her love into reality. In the last years, she created Gaia House together with her partner Eran and offer Meditation and Yoga & Wellness Retreats that aim to accomplish a conscious, healthy and fulfilling living.

What we here for?
We are here to learn union, between our divine self (our full potential) and between our reality, we are tools of the divine light to come down to earth, it is our responsibility.

Testimonials for Online Mindful Training

"Coming Home"

Robine, Germany 

I did the Meditation Training as well as the Online Mindful Living Foundation Training, and I need to say that both experiences were absolutely incredible.. Eran and Anat made me feel like coming home again.. I highly recommend the retreats and the online trainings.. because any experience in Gaia house; will positively change your life forever! Love and Light, R

"An amazing experience"

Gleb, Germany

I had a very powerful experience which had an influence on my daily perspective about my life. Definitely recommend for anyone that seek for some peaceful mind. The teachers were really inspiring full of knowledge and experience. We had great Yoga class, breathing techniques, meditation class and some group session. Thank you Anat and Eran for this wonderful experience. 

"Life Changing experience"

Ana, Germany 

I had the pleasure and good fortune to join this online training for November and December. There are so many thing I would like to mention, but I will contain myself to three: the amazing and generous teacher Anat, the warm and special group of people I got to meet and the big surprise for me personally that one can indeed do deep work and truly connect with people online. I have taken the explorations and learnings into my personal and professional life. I would also like to specially thank Anat for the extra time and attention she has offered to us throughout this journey.

"A magical experiance"

Nicolas, Germany 

It’s hard to describe with words what these few days at the Gaia Retreat House mean to me. My heart was deeply touched when I returned home and I’m so thankful and blessed that I decided to visit that beautiful place. I learned so much and I will never forget this time and it will have a very special place in my heart.

About Gaia Retreat House


Gaia is an international retreat house, set amongst gentle hills and quiet woodlands of the Meissner Geo-Naturpark Frau-Holle-Land, in the heart of Germany, 20 minutes drive from the city of Kassel. ​


The house offers a homey and intimate space for individuals and groups to retreat from their hectic life into a supportive environment of wellness, self-discovery, movement and creativity.

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