Hatha Yoga Open Class

Instructed in English

For beginners and with prior knowledge

Come discover how mindful yoga practice is a great key to closing the gap between who you are and whom you want to be.


This class is a dedicate hour for your well being, exploring your vitality, connecting to your inner power and tapping in your joyful self.


The yoga is supporting the body to come back to its potential health, releasing physical and emotional blocks and energizing life.


During the class, we learn to observe ourself from a quiet mind, focusing and move threw intention, grounding, and awareness. In constant practice, we get more and more In tune with our potential health, higher abilities, and creativity.


"Yoga tut mir gut 28 Jan 2019"

Seit ich bei Anat im Haus Gaia an den Joga Kursen teilnehme kann ich deutliche positive Veränderungen bei mir spüren. Ich fühle mich jünger und beweglicher als zuvor und das schon nach nur kurzer Zeit. Joga ist für mich auch wie eine Meditation, es eröffnet mir einen erweiterten Zugang zu mir selbst.


Sagar Schulz, Eschwege

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Every Tuesday


7 Euro 

Or call us

+49 (0)565 6999 9985

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Meditation Class

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First time is free

By sending this form I accept the Terms & Conditions of Gaia House GbR, and that I don’t take any restricting medications treatment and I don’t have any restrictions to take Yoga & Meditation Lessons.


With Anat Feingold

a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and spiritual guide, certified in Yoga Vidya Germany after learning the deep meditative approach of Vijnana Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Israel.


What does yoga mean for me?

Yoga means Union, a union between our divine self (our full potential) and between our reality, the essence of yoga is living our potential. What we all are longing for and here for!

Location & How to get here

Travel from Frankfurt International Airport (or any major European city) by train to the town of Kassel. From Kassel, take the public tram and a bus to our village. From there, we can pick you up.

ICE >> Direction: Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

(Than take the STR4 tram at the platform outside of the station)

STR4 >> Direction: Bürgerhaus, Hessisch Lichtenau

(Get off at Bürgerhaus station - Takes 1.08 hours)

BUS 200 >> Direction: Stadtbahnhof, Eschwege 

(Get off at Küchen station, then walk 10 minutes or call us)

From Kassel

Take B7 Ost Eisenach‬‏/‪Eschwege (17.5 km)

Turn left to  A44 (5 km)

Exit at Hessisch Lichtenau / Walburg 

Turn left to B7 (2.6 km)

Exit right ‪to Hausen‬‏/‪Küchen‬‏ L3249

and Keep straight for about (600 m)

Turn right to Am Jägerhof

Turn right again and follow the road to the end.

About Gaia Retreat House


The Gaia House is a retreat center for Yoga & Wellness, located in the vicinity of a natural forest, which resides in the “Werra Meissner Nature Reserve". This area is surrounded by lush forests, flowing rivers, mountains, lakes, and small villages. It is well known for its hiking, cycling and canoe activities (look at our The region page to learn more about the outdoor activities in the area).


Gaia has 11 guest rooms, suitable for up to 20 guests, a vegetarian kitchen, a large and bright dining room, yoga studio, meeting and home areas, a trampoline, a children's playroom, and a sauna area.

The house is hosting all year Yoga & Wellness Retreats, as well as self-awareness, movement & creative seminars.


Am Jägerhof 7

37235 Hessisch Lichtenau


How to get here >>


Tel. + 49 (0)5656 999 9985

Handy +49 (0)176 3460 8425




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Yoga Lesson

At the garden studio Gaia Retreat House Germany